What Is Lasik Surgery & Is it Costly?

There was a time when people feel it hard and difficult to have an eye surgery. It was quite a complicated procedure for the ones who are to improve their refractive errors. Many surgical instruments were used to treat those refractive errors and those procedures were quite painful and not easy to recover. But Lasik surgery has catered all those patients who are suffering from any type of refractive error. Lasik is an acronym of laser-assisted in-situ keratomileuses, it is laser eye surgery in which almost all the refractive errors are cured and treated. But the problem is that most the people are unaware of this latest technology which is less painful and very quick to recover. Before knowing much about Lasik surgery let us make a small comparison of Lasik surgery with an ordinary eye surgery.
                                 If one has a refractive error like Myopia it can be treated by an ordinary eye surgery and with Lasik surgery as well. But an ordinary surgery will be more complicated, painful and yet more time consuming where a Lasik surgery will be entirely opposed to it. It will be quicker, less or near to not painful and a patient will recover in a day after it. In Lasik surgery, the innermost layer of the cornea is cured and corrected according to the disease. The cost of this surgery depends upon the complexity of the problem. Although it is quite expensive as compared to an ordinary eye surgery but the money against comfort is nothing.