Saba Qamar Biography Weeding Career & Scandal

Saba Qamar Biography

Saba Qamar is an actress, TV show host and Model. Saba Qamar age is 30 years  old (ATM) and she was born in Gujranwala on 5 April 1984.She spent her earlier days of life with her grandmother instead of Parents. She belong to a notable family and her family live in Karachi. Her Real name is Sabahat Qamar but as you know most of the showbiz celebrities  around the world change her name when join showbiz Like Mahnoor Baloch (Mano Billi). In an interview she told about her favorite celebrities.Her favorite actor is Talat Hussain and she  always has desire to  work with Tariq Mairaj (Director). She is like to listen Kosher Kumar and watching her favorite movie that is Ijazat. In the interview she also shared her weakness point is love and this make her friendly with everyone.

How Did Saba Qamar Joined Showbiz?

She did not have an interest in showbiz she joined it accidentally. Her sister friend met with Saba and she found something special in her so he give an offer to work in drama “MAIN  AURAT   HOUN”. In beginning her family did not allow Saba but she worked without their permission later on she convinced her family on this condition that she will do quality and neat work only. She will not do shameful things in her career.
Saba Qamar Picture

Saba Qamar Beautiful Smile

Saba Qamar Wedding

Saba Qamar marriage is a hot issue for her fans. A few years back she confirmed her engagement with her Cousin who work on PAF as an engineer but not wedding. She is 30 years old (ATM) and still Saba Qamar weeding does not happen in openly. A few days back again Saba Qamar weeding issue arose and some sources claim Saba Qamar married with Hamza Ali Abbasi. Both of the person rejected this fake news by saying
“No doubts we are the best friends but no this kind of relationship has been made so far.”
She  told the media she will not hide her weeding events whenever it will be happening.

Saba Qamar Career

As you know she started acting in 2008 by a drama series “MAIN AURAT HOUN” that was on-aired on PTV Home. She has worked for in countless advertisement and she is busies actress of the Pakistan. Her famous dramas include “MAIN AURAT HOUN”, Tera Pyar Nahi Bhoole” , Jinah key name and Matt. She worked as a host on a Pakistan famous Tv channels at GEO TV and she hosted consecutively for three years “HUM SUB UMEED SA HAIN” that was directed by DR Younis .With the height of 5.5 she has also appeared in two songs of Abrar UL Haq Boliyan and Rano.
Saba Qamar hum sub umeed sey hain

Hum Sub Umeed Sey Hain Scene

Saba Qamar Scandal

Saba Qamar belongs to a noble family and her family did not allow her to work in the showbiz till then she made a promise that she would not do anything immoral. She didn’t do any vulgar things till than 2013. Saba Qamar Scandal happened in earlier months of this year when Saba Qamar vulgar  photo-shoot leaked on the different website.Saba Qamar also done somehow a shameful scene in PTV drama.

Saba Qamar Picture Height

She Look much tall than Regular

Saba Qamar News

Saba Qamar  was sick a few day back due to dangee virus but she is well.