Our DMCA Policy

Channels Streaming Policy

All the Live TV Channels streaming shown on our website i-e  RAPTV.NET are Authorized and operate under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, We at ( Raptv.net ) are affiliate content companion with all the authorized streaming (links provided listed below ) with the assistance of   www.eboundservices.com

Regardless Of these streams are authorized and official to show on Raptv.net however , we really do not host any of these streaming on our server/website, internet hosting is provided by www.eboundservices.com under Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Quite a few streams are blacklisted in USA,UK and Canada due to their restricted copyright distribution for on the internet viewership.

Please be aware that in case of any kind of legal disclaimer you should send your emails at  dmca[@]raptv.net, we’ll act immediately.

We respect everyone policy and we will response you within 24 hours.