Mehndi Design 2015|Mehndi Design for Eid

Mehndi, a term well known amongst Muslims, is the cultural art of painting the hands (also feet and body) with a pleasant paste made from the dried and powdered leaves of the henna plant. It was originated in the Middle East and Northern Africa about 5000 years ago, when it’s started being used for ritual and celebratory use. Its color usually varies from red to brown color, but that depends on how much time you leave it on your hand. Sometimes, ingredients like coffee or tea are added up in mehndi to help eliminate its smell or to brighten up its color.

Mehndi Designs Pictures

Mehndi is not something urban. Instead, it is a historic sort of body art that has been practiced thoroughly in Middle East, India and some portions of Africa for decades. It is commonly recognized as a women oriented activity. However, it has been occasionally performed by a
small percentage of the male population, as well. It involves painting designs over hand and feet by this glorious paste manufactured from the leaves of henna plant.

In the initial years, mehndi’s application was quite simple and ordinary, but never did it fail to exhibit class even then. Its application comprised of a dot painted in the middle of the palm of the hands. But we are all quite well aware of human nature. We can’t follow a trend for so long; we get bored. After losing interest in the single dot applied on the palms, the regular henna users started coming up with new decorative ideas to apply mehndi, which consisted of lines and other shapes. Therefore, this elaboration in the primary design of mehndi (a single dot)
evolved into the beautiful, elaborate designs of mehndi we witness in current times.

Previously, women used to apply mehndi on a regular basis. However, nowadays, women only paint their hands with henna on special occasions. On these events, they aim for their mehndi design to stand out and appear to be most appealing amongst them all. If you are looking for some fabulous mehndi designs to decorate your hands with, you have stumbled upon the right place.

Mehndi has a wide array of designs. Different sorts of designs are available for different purposes and different sorts of people. Some of the classifications are bridal mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs and Indian mehndi designs. Also, for the younger generation, simpler and adorable designs are also available.

I am certain the next question arising in your mind is how to apply mehndi? It is quite simple. First of all, get yourself henna in a paste form. Apply it on your hands and let it cool and dry. During this time frame, make sure you don’t rub your hands against another surface to restrain it from ruining. Once the henna has dried off, wash it off. Later on, apply oil or sugar and water on it with the aim of improving and darkening its color. And that is it. Given below are some unique and stunning mehndi designs. Don’t forget to apply them on this Eid and make your hands look glamorous yet traditional.

How to do Mehndi Design ?