Watch Khara Sach with Mubashir Luqman

Khara Sach is an emerging and Excellent Political Talk Shows which are hosted by a senior and brave Pakistani Journalist Mubashir Laqman. The show exposed a secret deal of Pakistani Government. Khara Sach program exposed a secret deal in which Punjab Minister Law does corruption on the behalf of CM of Punjab (Shahbaz Shareef) as per Mubashir Laqman claim. The show is on-air on ARY news. The Khara Sach team doing hard work and taking success day by day.


The Khara Sach team invited Afzal Khan (Former Additional Secretary ECP) and he uncovered and confirmed rigging in the Election of 2013.Khara sach got banned June, 2013 and later Supreme Court Lifted ban and allow Mubashir Laqman to do his show. You will be surprised Mubashir Laqman was the person who submitted a complaint against Invalid vote before the 2013 election in Supreme Court and Court ordered by the Election commission of Pakistan to delete 300 million invalid voted from the database.

Khara Sach Schedule

          10:05 PM (Mon – Thu) (Fresh Episode)

         01:05 AM (Mon – Thu) (Repeat Episode)