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Dunya News  Is a very competent news channel which is actually governed by the National Communication Services private limited (SMC). On 1st December 2008 this channel was launched and in a very short period of time this channel had worked very hard and got a strong position among other news channels. The main headquarters of this channel is located in Lahore and different branches are working all over the country. There are different programs are also available for people related to different fields which is really informative for people apart from the news and headlines section.

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Such programs in Dunya News Live streaming Includes current affairs, and programs with the different segments, including the latest news and information around the world is also available. Business affairs, sudden incidents, new and fresh updates from different parts of the countries. That includes floods, earthquakes, elections, changes in the law and forces and new experiments, successful experiments in the area of Science and Technology, etc. Growth and development in the field of education, implementation in different rules, financial problems and financial crisis, etc. are some of the segments

Not only the news are part of this channel, but Dunya News Live also take part in showing different entertainment programs like fashion shows, exhibitions, Arts and different informative documentaries, religious programs etc. There are also some of the programs which are prepared By this channel to bring betterment in the country in terms of finance, education, poverty, law and order, etc. These are known as the special programs which are produced for the betterment of the country and its future.
This news channel covers all the black and white events that are happening, but other channels do not go for this, but this channel is based on reality and truth. Different departments of Dunya News Live are giving their best efforts in their fields and also providing the latest and hidden news and report happening around. The departments are health, politics, Business, sports, education, general, etc. are having such professional teams of professionals and they play a key role in Dunya News Live.