Aamina Sheikh Biography- Amina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza

Aamina Sheikh Biography

Aamina Sheikh (Amina Sheikh)  was born on 29th August in New York City and is the daughter of Abdul Sheikh, a pharmacist. Aamina Sheikh has lived most of her childhood in Karachi and Riyadh. When in Karachi, she did her O levels and A levels from St. Hospeh’s Convent and The Lyceum. Aamina Sheikh majored in Film Video Production from Hampshire College, Boston and has also worked as an assistant at Manhattan based multi-media company Curious Pictures.

Amina Sheikh Showbiz Career

Aamina Sheikh is a stunning eastern beauty and a famous Pakistani model and actress. She is most definitely among the most talented woman of Pakistan. Amina Sheikh has gotten success and appreciation not merely for her beautiful face and modeling, but also for her superior acting. Her refined quality of gracefulness and good taste makes her very prominent. Aamina Sheikh  has reached the heights of success in a very short time.Aamina Sheikh  has ruled the modelling industry and has been blessed with the title of  Saba Qamar of today because of her beauty and her charmingly slim figure.

Amina sheikh wedding

Aamina Sheikh Image

Pakistani Model  Aamina Sheikh  is also working in television ads. Recently she has been seen in the ad of a shampoo name “Clear” by showing off proudly her beautiful and shiny hair. Amina Sheikh has also modeled for one of the leading designers Maria B in the recent past. Amina Sheikh has worked for numerous dramas and plays on Hum Tv, Ary and Geo. Her commercials are played everywhere in Pakistan and she continues to be all over the fashion magazines of Pakistan.

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Aamina Sheikh Scandal

Amina Sheikh is perhaps one of the very few models and actors who has never been associated with a scandal. She is generally known as a smart, talented and happily married woman with no place of a scandal in her life.

Aamina Sheikh  Wedding

Everybody in the industry knows about  Aminah Sheikh wedding with Mohib Mirza. It is a fact that the couple is very happy together and it shows so clearly from the way they look at each other. Mohib Mirza has worked numerously with her on different dramas and is an actor, model himself. Amina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza  is perhaps one of the hottest couples in Pakistan loved by the people they work with and the people they work for. Amina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza  have a huge fan following in Pakistan.

Amina Sheikh and Mohaib Mirza  wedding

Wedding Paicture

Aamina Sheikh Interviews

Mostly in Aamina Sheikh  interviews  she  is asked about the secrets behind her slim physique. People all over Pakistan want to know how she maintains her slim and smart figure. Aamina Sheikh insists that she never follows her long diet plan and eats almost everything. She’s also usually questioned about her love story with Mohib Mirza, Aamina Sheikh husband whom she loves dearly. However both of them claim that their love story has not been any different or adventurous. It was smooth and developed gradually over the time they worked together.